Essay Title Page

The very first part of your essay that readers will see is the essay title page. This humble page of your article serves only a single purpose, to let the people know your topic. In writing an essay title page, there is certain info that you have to include. These details also need to have a certain arrangement for optimum value. We will give you the purpose of having the particular info in a cover page.
You do not yet need an examples of cover page for essays just yet. We will discuss the parts of it here. The first info is the title of your essay. This should be written at the upper portion of the page. Align it in central position so the reader can clearly see the name of your essay. Write a title that is easy to the eyes, with simple terms and is attractive.
Your name should be written on the middle part of the essay title page. This is the author’s section. You simply have to include your name for proper recognition of who wrote the essay.
The last part is actually a block of information. At the bottom part of the essay title page, you must include the class detail, the academic year, the professor’s name and the date of submission. Again all these info should be centrally aligned.
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