Essay Commentary

After submitting your first essay draft, there is a possibility that you will be revising it. Before you do revise a paper, you should first look for an essay commentary that your teacher has given your work. This way, you can maximize the purpose of revision and it will give you ample time to perfect your essay.
An essay commentary is a way to help you improve your writing. Teachers will usually provide the commentary in written form. They will write on your paper. You can see them because they are in red ink so that you can easily spot the notes. In some cases, teachers will also attach a simple note to your paper. Or, your teacher may even talk to you personally to help you improve your skills.
You should always take essay commentary as a constructive criticism. No teacher would ever want to hurt your feelings or offend you. This is the same with all types of essays from opinion essay to courage essay topics. Teachers do care that’s why they want you to harness your writing skills. If you have any questions regarding the comments on your essay, simply approach your professor and for sure he will be more than happy to help you.
If you want to reduce the number of essay commentary notes in your paper, you should start developing your skills in writing.
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