An Approach to Doing Essay Citation

Do you know the process of essay citation? In writing an essay that will include research results, you always need to consider the aspect of citation. This is a way to recognize the contributions of other documents to your essay discussion. Most of the time, citation is needed when writing a research or term paper. But for an essay that will also contain facts and info coming from another document, citation is an important thing.
What options are available for essay citation? We will recommend two of the basic types of referencing schemes. The first one is the APA format. It is usually used for essay topics that are related to science in general, medicine, health, technology and other similar fields. One example is abortion research paper. Essay in MLA format is used mainly for topics that are related to the arts, humanities and literature.
How do we use these citation styles? The main agenda of the essay writer is to make sure he knows how to use in-text citation. This is done by integrating the part of another article into his paper. It may be in direct or indirect forms. In text citation allows the readers to see where the info comes from so they can check it at a later time. For APA, simple enclose the author’s last name with the publication year in parenthesis. The MLA requires the page number instead of the publication year.
Writing the bibliography page is also another aspect of essay citation. This is where you will list all the entries of info sources. Each entry must have the author’s name, publication year, title of his work, city of publication, edition number and page numbers. Arrange the entries in alphabetical order.
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