Essay in MLA format

You could use the MLA style if you are writing an essay with a topic related to the arts, literature or humanities in general. But sometimes, knowing the topic scope is not enough. You also need to learn the different instructions related to writing an essay in MLA format. What are the things to learn?
First, you need to use in-text citation. This is the process wherein you will integrate the part of another paper into your own essay. It is like quoting the external article and using its contents. Why is it done? It is to make sure that the facts in your essay are credible. You are using another article to establish your claim. In-text citation is easy. Simply enclose the part in quotation marks. Then you have to put the author’s last name and the page number, enclose them in parenthesis. For example “The….end” (Miller 56).
Essay in MLA format is also about formatting the pages. When you do the numbering or what is called pagination, you simply need to put your last name and then the corresponding page number. Put them in the upper right hand corner of the page. For example Lopez 3.
One more thing to understand in writing an essay in MLA format is the creation of the bibliography page. It is titled Works Cited page. You should have a list of different articles that you have used for the referencing part. Put the author’s name, year of publication, title of the article, publication city, publishing company and page and edition numbers.
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