What to Talk About in a Chinese Essay

When you hear the term Chinese essay, what comes to your mind? For sure you are thinking of an essay paper that involves the use of Chinese as the language. Well it is not exactly the way to interpret it. A Chinese essay that is required for you to write is something that tackles China or the Chinese propel. So you can still use your English to write an essay of this type.
Basically essay topics are very broad and varied. This means you have to select something that you can write about. Selecting Chinese as the topic of interest of your paper is one step. Realizing what to write about it is the second challenge. So how do we select the subject to write? As a small set of tips, here are the things that you need to consider; feasibility, significance, interest of the reader, your familiarity and the resource materials available. Once you have considered these features then you can select a Chinese essay topic.
You can write about the Chinese people in your essay. Talk about how they live and what cultural beliefs they have. Also, you may discuss their traditions and how they interact with communities and countries.
It is also possible to write a Chinese essay that will tackle the language. Chinese can be divided in some segments of the language for example Mandarin is different from Fookien. You can research about these divisions and write an analysis about it.
One more possible aspect to write a Chinese essay is to include your personal opinion. You can write about your impression of the Chinese people, the country and all the aspects involved. You can differentiate or compare it to let’s say Spanish essays or German essays.
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