The Thesis Statement for a Classification Essay

Do you know how to write a classification essay? If your answer is no, then let me give you an idea how to get started. Usually, students will be required by their teachers to write a quality essay. The essay may be based on the student’s interest, knowledge and direction for writing. If we are to apply the concept of grouping things according to some unifying aspects, then we need to write a classification essay.
A classification essay is just one of the many types of essays based on purpose of writing. The other popular ones are narrative, descriptive, argumentative, persuasive cause and effect and expository essays. Each of them has its respective purposes. For a classification essay, you simply need to consider a single unifying aspect of the things that you want to tackle. Then you can group them according to some sub partitions.
A good classification essay targets multiple objects but which can be grouped according to some qualities. One good thesis statement for your essay should be like this: There are three types of female shoppers in grocery stores; the bargain hunter, the window shopper and the compulsive buyer.
As you can see, we have a very specific target in the thesis statement. The target or the unifying aspect is the female shopper. The grouping concept of partitions contains the three mentioned types of shoppers. Take note that classification essays still need to follow the same paragraph structure where you have to include the introduction, body and conclusion. Also, you still need to cite your resource materials by applying either the APA or MLA formats.
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