1500 Word Essay

Why do we have to write so many words in an essay? It is always a matter of following the orders of the teachers that will give us the highest possible grades. When you are tasked to write a 1500 word essay, you should adhere to that simple rule. But sometimes, it is not really easy to write an essay especially if your capacity to talk about things is limited. So what are the main instructions in writing a 1500 word essay?
Just like in writing any types of essays, you need to have a good topic. The subject of the essay must be simple but interesting. First of all your paper should have a topic that is important. It should be feasible which means you can apply the methods of researching. The topic must also have enough resource materials to use.
A 1500 word essay needs to have the three basic parts of an essay. The introduction paragraph gives the acquaintance factor for the readers to get familiar with the subject. The body paragraphs provide the main discussions while the conclusion part is the warp up segment of the topic.
Do I really need to write 1500 words in a 1500 word essay? The main instruction is for you to compose an article with 1500 words. In a practical way of understanding it, you must have at least not at most 1500 words. So it is required that you have a total of these words. It is like forcing yourself to include as much words as mentioned.
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