Math Essays as Articles

You can actually write about any topic interests as long as you have the passion and motivation for the selected subject. In a math essay, it may be difficult to first realize a good topic because we are used to using math in calculations and not in telling of stories. But you can actually write different types of essays with different goals using the subject math. Let me give you some pointer show you can write a good math essay.
You can compose a narrative essay outline about math. Simply tell of a story based on your experience how you fared from last y ear’s grading. If you failed, then you do not need to be embarrassed to tell it in a story form and identify the things that contributed to the failure.
For a classification article essay, you can write a math essay that groups the level of difficulty based on formulas to be used. For example you may group algebra and geometry as basic math subjects and group trigonometry and calculus in another group. Specify the factors why you have grouped them in such a way.
An argumentative math essay can be written if you are for or against an issue or a notion. This way you can increase your capacity to defend your arguments and claim what you think is valid and true. For example you can write and argue about the specific contribution of math to the person’s success in career.
Lastly, you can write a math essay that will inform. This is an expository type of an essay. You can talk about the different ways to solve an algebraic problem by teaching your readers some techniques even for an essay format. Or you may also talk about how you can take advantage of algebraic expressions when you compute for these discounts.
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