Some Sample Essay Prompts

It is quite a good idea to first listen to the essay prompt of the teacher before you write your own essay. The essay prompt provides you the reasons to write about a topic in an essay and it also give you a sense of direction on what to tackles in the article. There are limitless possibilities to adhere to an essay prompt. Let me give you the possible areas where our teacher might consider getting prompts from.
Some essay examples can be useful materials to understand an essay prompt. But usually, you can simply conduct critical thinking analysis to understand what is asked of you to do. An essay prompt can be in a form of asking your opinion. There are some instances when you will be asked to write a reply to a question that will request some thoughts form you regarding an issue. For example: Why do you think the global economic recession happened?
Some essay prompts will simply ask you to write an article that will help you expose information about a topic. This is especially true for essays about science and other technical topics. You will have to conduct researching in order to make sense of the discussions in your essay.
An essay prompt can also involve some ways for the writer to realize how to do things according to an instruction. For example you may be required to write a compare and contrast essay that will involve natural birth planning and artificial use of contraceptives.
There are still more essay prompts that you need to be familiar with when it comes to writing an essay.
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