Observing and Asking Questions during your Custom Essay Prewriting

Observing and Asking Questions during your Custom Essay Prewriting
During the prewriting stage of your custom essay you need to undertake a critical thinking exercise, where you gather and organize your ideas. While acquiring any details for your essay writing, you must be very careful with what you want and how you want it organized and presented.
Observing of details and establishing the relevant questions play a vital role of determining how good your essay, term paper or research paper can be. You must always make paramount observations with strong and relevant questions accompanying them.
Guidelines for Observing and Asking Questions for your Custom Essay Prewriting
Good written works always come from well thought and planned ideas to write about. As you prepare your custom essay you must always remember the role of your five senses during the time of gathering details. You need to explore the environment around you using your five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch).
Suppose you intend to write about your mother’s favorite dish and how she prepares it, here is what becomes vital for your observations.
• Sight: This is achievable by your eyes. Use them to notice what is there visually. Check the colour, appearance and form. Make sure you can acquire all the details of what it looks like. You can also further try to recognize the type of kitchen ware necessary for the preparation.
• Sound: Using your ears find out any characteristic sounds made probably while the dish is being prepared or notice any other kind of sound associated with the dish.
• Smell: Using your nose, find out the smell of the dish. This can still include the spices used.
• Taste: Taste is another parameter necessary for description of the dish. Check how it tastes, after or even before its preparation.
• Touch: Find out how it feels. This is normally done using fingers. It can be done at the various stages of preparation.
Having noticed the characteristic features of the dish and its preparation, you further ask questions to yourself. Get almost all of these questions answered before writing.
• Who: This may require you to find out people associated with the dish. For example, who originated it, who prepares it and who best needs it?
• What: This helps you to describe the dish. For example, what is it, what it constitutes and what makes it good?
• Where: This helps you to describe where it originated, where it is best needs it, where it is best needs it where it best needs it.
• When: This refers to the time when it is prepared. Is it for supper or best needs it lunch? When it was first started.
• Why: Find out why this dish is prepared and why it must be consumed.
• How: Find out how it is prepared or how it is served?
Like any other works, custom essay writing requires continuous practice and discovery, so seek for essay samples and some further assistance professional essay help service providers on the internet.

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