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It may seem odd to write an essay on mathematics because we are used to do math problems in computational forms. Of course each one of us has his own strengths and weaknesses so writing an essay of such a form may be too troublesome for some. In this case, an essay on mathematics does not necessarily mean that you are going to solve math problems. There are some ways to learn math and that it should not always be through calculations. Let me give you some ideas on how to write a good essay out of a math subject.
You can write a descriptive essay for an essay on mathematics. For example, if you know how to calculate the Pythagorean Theorem formula, then you can write a description on how to make it easier to understand. Then you may include a sample or two to let the readers understand fully what you are describing a good essay example will work out for this approach in describing a topic.
You can also write a narrative essay. You may tell a story about your previous experience in using a certain math formula. Or you can then narrate something about how you have discovered some new tricks to make calculations much faster and easier.
An essay on mathematics can also be written in a form of a classification essay. For example you can classify the formulas and theories according to subject scope. You may group them whether they belong to calculus, geometry or algebra. This way, you are writing a classification essay with integrated math lessons.
It is not hard to imagine writing an essay on mathematics without numbers. All it takes is an imaginative mind and an experience to handle math topics.
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