College Paper Cover Page Instruction

Some students to get confused what a cover page and a title page really are. Actually, they are just the same and we can both call them college paper cover page. In fact, any essays can do without them but for formality, let us simply make it a point to write a cover page for easy identification of our articles when we submit them. Of course, the next question that you will ask is: “What are the contents of the college paper cover page?” For this article, let us talk about the cover page’s contents and how you can structure them in good position.
Any essay outlines will have to include the cover page. Actually, the contents are pretty simple to understand and that there are only a few details that you need to include. The basic ones are the title of the essay, your name as the author of the article and the class details which will include the class section, academic year, professor’s name and the date of submission. These information are all applicable to any articles whether you are writing a research paper cover page or a term paper cover page.
In a regular school paper format, the arrangement of the cover page’s details is quite easy to understand. The first rule is that all entries must be in centered position in a lengthwise manner. Now, the title of the paper should be at the upper portion of the page. The first letter of each word should be capitalized. Do not insert special characters or have the letters italicized. The middle part of the page should contain your name. The bottom part is where you will write the class details. Usually, the class section and academic year is written first followed by the professor’s name and the date.
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