How to Cite a Paper

Most of us are going to write an essay when we reach our high school and college education. Actually, essay writing can be one of the most versatile activities for students because it gives them the chance to develop skills in writing, researching and communicating. But one key aspect that will help you come up with a reliable and interesting essay is the aspect of citing your resources. If you are writing an informative essay or something that extends to researching, then how to cite a paper can be a very important matter for you.
The normal school paper format will involve the title, introduction, thesis statement, body and conclusion. However, if you are planning to use outside resources you need to cite them. This way you are recognizing another publication’s information and could help you stay away from plagiarism offenses. So how do we cite a paper?
First of all you need to identify what part of the paper you want to use. The part can be a whole paragraph or just a sentence. You can decide whether to capture the exact part or simply indirectly quote it. In any case, it is important that you enclose the part in quotation marks. This is called in-text citation. Such a procedure is important especially for science fair research papers.
Second, you need to reference the source or the author of the article that you are using. After the closing quotation mark, integrate the author’s last name together with the date of publication. Enclose these two details in parentheses. This is for the APA style. If you are going to use the MLA format, repl
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