Writing an Essay Outline

Have you ever realized the importance of writing an essay outline? If you are starting to write your essay then you know that having a plan is necessary. To make a quality article takes a lot of effort from researching to creating a good topic, writing to proofreading. If you have an essay outline then it would be much easier to build an article with great quality features.
Writing an essay outline is easy. Most school paper formats need to have a backbone that will let the writer designate the parts and information that he wishes to include in the essay. Of course it is also important that you take time to write an outline that will support all the segments in our essay. What are the parts of an outline?
The essay outline really depends on the essay prompt that you wish to respond or adhere to. For example a classification essay may have a different outline compared to a cause and effect essay because the two essay types have different discussion parameters.
In general, the essay outline should have the following basic format:
1. Essay or Research Paper Title
2. Introduction
1. Thesis statement
3. Body
1. Paragraph 1
2. Paragraph 2
3. Paragraph 3
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