Parts of a Critical Essay

Some students do not understand how to write a critical essay. Most of them will surely believe that a critical essay is like an attack to the writer of another article. Actually, criticizing is not at all a bias reflection of another document or reading material. It only means that you are going to present how you feel about the essay in reference and that you may agree or disagree with the paper’s contents. So how can we write a good critical essay?
The first part of a critical essay is the summary introduction. When you are using another article for criticizing, you need to present first the details about that article. It is important that your readers have an idea what the article in reference is all about. You can summarize the contents of the paper and include the min thesis statement of the author.
The next few paragraphs should then contain your discussions of the entire essay. It should incorporate your thesis statement whether you are for or against the ideas of the author and his writing. You should understand that a critical essay should not be biased in contradicting another person’s ideas and opinions. You should also be open to the fact that it is possible to agree with the writer’s thoughts.
Lastly, the critical essay conclusion should contain your overall thoughts of the entire referenced article. You can provide resolution to the problem that you have created if you are against the idea or your can establish your support to the term paper format scope.
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