Synthesis essay – what can it do

Essay writing does not merely involve writing a story. It should also be noted that you can write an essay with different functions as well as purposes. For example, one function of a descriptive essay is to provide descriptive information about a subject. If you are to follow an essay prompt, then you only need to answer a question and respond to it. Meanwhile, if you are going to write a synthesis essay, there are different functions that you can consider.Let me give you the three major purposes or functions that a synthesis essay can do to your readers.
1. A synthesis essay intends to report information about resource materials. You can actually use other documents and readings and then summarize the contents into a synthesized form. You are going to report the contents of the referenced documents using your own words and interpretation.
2. A synthesis essay used at least two reference documents for synthesis. Another purposes of writing this article is to make the readers realize where the distinct information of the two reference materials overlap, therefore giving much more condensed information. This is also the case for an essay format that analyzes.
3. Lastly, a synthesis essay provides significance values to the reading materials. It brings out the sense of why discussing these documents are important. Any research paper topics will do as long as you can support your subject with many resource materials.
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