Essay on Mathematics

Wouldn’t it be too hard to write an essay that involves math as the subject? We are used to solving math problems and calculating things out of the lessons in class so how will it be possible to come up with a good essay that talks about numbers? It is true that math simply equates to endless memorization of formulas and calculating for solutions but it takes a creative mind to write a good mathematics essay. Let me give you some tips on how you can start with this kind of an article.
You can write an essay on mathematics that tackles some theories. There are a lot of math theories especially in the world of geometry. You can then compose an article that provides your personal opinion whether the theory can be proven or not. Basically, all of these can be proven using math manipulation but as a person, it takes time to really understand how math theories can be applied to our daily lives. Your mission is therefore to write an essay that simply applies math concepts to our own daily living. I remember one middle school writing prompt that goes “what theories in math do you think are evidently proven in our lives?”
Another possible topic for essay on mathematics is to construct a personals opinion format of essay. You can simply talk about your thoughts of how math can really change our society and our lifestyle. Or, you can write about how much you hate math as the subject. This type of an essay may not be too technical but readily entertaining to read. Some essay formats of this type are even considered informal but can capture a lot of audiences.
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