Extended Essay Tips

We are used to simply write an essay that involves the high school and basic college instructions for writing. However, one of the most specialized types of essays is the extended essay. Let me give you some practical and simple extended essay tips that you can use.
An extended essay is one of the primary requirements to complete an IB or International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. It is usually written on a topic that the student prefers to discuss. Usually, it is confined in a 4000 word parameter. A student who is going to write an extended essay should work closely with an adviser so that he will be able to complete an essay that possesses great writing qualities. It can be a discussion essay, an expository essay or a informative essay based on researches or anything similar to personal essay topics. The average requirement for its completion is 40 hours but in some instances, students may complete it much earlier or a little more than that time frame.
Writing an extended essay is a simple as writing an ordinary essay. The only difference is that it has a high value of corresponding worth to let you acquire an IB diploma. Here are the suggested extended essay tips:
1. Choose a topic that interests you. This will initiate and maintain your overall passion of writing the paper. As a suggestion, try to use a topic that is also within the IB curriculum.
2. Create a strong thesis statement. It can be an assertion or something based on a known fact and observation that you wish to expand.
3. Know the basic essay parts. There are only three; introduction, body, conclusion.
4. Make your discussions in the extended essay coherent. Apply logical flows of tackling your subject.
5. Cite resources if necessary. Use APA or MLA formats of referencing.
6. Lastly, proofread your extended essay. It pays to identify spelling and grammar errors before submitting the project to the instructor.
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