Personal Essay Topics

There are many types of essays that you can compose based only on the goal of writing. You can compose a narrative essay, classification essay, business essay format, cause and effect essay or persuasive essays. But what topics can we utilize when it comes to writing about personal essay topics?
Personal experience. You can actually write a personal essay topic that involves your experience. You may simply narrate how you experienced an emotion or an activity that you think is really interesting and worth sharing to your readers. There is no need for you to cite reference materials because it is all about you.
Opinion. A personal essay topic can also arise from your opinion. For example, if you have experienced writing an essay about science with a specific topic about cloning, then you can write a new one that involves your perception and your personal thoughts about the scientific procedure.
Recommendations. Another possible scope of a personal essay topic is your ability to share knowledge and expertise. This will be done by recommending something to a set of audiences. Of course, you need to support your claims when you recommend something that is why it will take a little while to write an essay in this format.
Fictional. One last possible type of a personal essay topic may be based on imagination. You can actually write a fictional story that will incorporate all your thoughts, feelings and character to the story. It is still a perusal essay only that you are trying to divert your readers to go to an imagined domain of your personality.
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