What Writing Topics to Consider

Each one of us would like to write about a writing topic that is comfortable and fun. Surely it is one of the main ingredient why many students can write a good essay, it satisfies them. But there are so many topics that you can write about so what choices do we really have in the first place? Good essay examples that have topics that are interesting may need to first consider the actual goal of writing. There are many purposes in writing that is why having an idea what they are can help you select a topic that if fulfilling to write. Here are just some of the goals:
Telling a story-Narrative essay
Classifying objects-Classification essay
Arguing-Argumentative essay
Delegating your thoughts-Opinion essay
Influencing your readers-Persuasive essay
Comparing things-Compare and Contrast essay
Of course, writing topics also need to identify the subject domain where your article issue will come from. You can select from already recognized fields like essay about science, literature, economics, psychology, math, computers, politics, law, history and much more.
Now, choosing a writing topic must be done by considering the following criterion: personal interest, familiarity with the topic, feasibility for research and most important of all significance. If you have the following factors considered, then you will be able to write a good essay anytime.
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