Compare and Contrast Essay

It is not easy to select a topic for a compare and contrast essay. Usually, it takes a lot of thinking before you can choose a subject that will highlight your capacity to differentiate and find similarities between two objects, places, people or any other genres. But selecting a topic is simply an initial step towards writing this kind of an essay the more important part is for you to know what ways are available to write a compare and contrast essay.
A compare and contrast essay involves at least two parameters of writing; finding similarities between the subject profile and then finding difference between them. Actually, it is not that difficult to write a paper in this format. You can simply do observations and very little researching in order to find the factors for these two parameters to accommodate them. First, you can create a thesis statement that readily defines the similarities and differences of the two subjects of interest. For example, if you are going to write a compare and contrast essay about the problems of Japanand the USin economics, you may have a simple thesis statement like this:
“The United Statesand Japanare both experiencing the same recession problems but are employing very different strategies in solving the crisis.”
This thesis statement is then divided into two categories; similarities of the two nation’s problems and the difference in their ways of addressing the issue. You can then write a compare and contrast essay out of it. When you write the body part of the essay, you can simply divide the paragraphs into two blocks. The first block may contain the comparison approaches while the second block could contain the contrasting factors. In this essay format, there will be a defined line between the two approaches of discussions.
A compare and contrast essay may be likened to a comparative essay but the former has more than one approach of discussing things.
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