How to Make a Cover Page

There are simpler things in writing an essay aside from composing the entire article itself. Usually, the things that are much easier are not in any way related to the structure and content of the essay, one example is the cover page. How to make a cover page may not be the most asked questions in writing an article but sometimes, we will forget the main formats in writing even the simplest parts of any documents.
How to make a cover page encompasses two different areas of concern, what information to include in the article essay cover page and how to format and layout these details. For first time essay writers, the cover page can be considered a very simple part of the paper. But not having the complete details required may elicit a bad impression from the reader. Now, an essay format cover page requires that you have the Title of the article, your name as the writer, the class details, subject, term and academic year, professor’s name and the date.
When you write the cover page, the only thing that you need to be concerned of is the alignment or the layout of the entries in the cover page. This too is pretty simple. First of all, be reminded that all of the entries should be aligned in center position. No matter where you place them, everything should fall in a straight imaginary vertical line in the center of a piece of paper. At the upper portion of the page, write the title of the essay. Then at the middle part of the page, put your name. The remaining details are then written as a block at the bottom part of the page. Now you are done. Take a look at the sample
The cover page will always be one of the components of research papers, essays and dissertations. Follow the format above and you will be fine.
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