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When we talk about an essay format, there are actually three things to consider what the word “format” denotes. But to make it clearer, we will talk about the three major aspects that relate to essay format. Some essays can have any one of these characteristics so you must know the basics in writing.
An essay format may denote the actual paragraph inclusions in an essay. There are only three major parts in this format; Introduction, Body and the Conclusion. Of course, you already know that the Introduction provides the background of the topic and the thesis statement, the body is the section for discussions while the Conclusion is the summary.
Different types of formatting may also refer to the citation styles in researching. There are at least three major referencing styles, the APA, Harvard and the MLA formats. The specifics will be available in our previous articles that tell about in-text citation, pagination techniques and bibliography page writing.
Lastly, an essay format may refer to the writing pattern in an outline for writing. For example, if you are writing a comparative essay, you need to devise a plan on how to partition the discussions in the body section. You may delegate the first part as the comparison side while the remaining part as the contrast side. This kind of formatting is the one that you are used to do which is in numbered or lettered list. Divide the major topics into sub topics if necessary.
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