A Different Types of Formatting

There are different types of formatting in writing essays. Usually, it is dependent on the writer’s preference as to what format or style can best be applied to a written document. In this manner, we will talk about the two most common types of formatting in terms of citation styles. We will talk about the APA and MLA formatting systems.
The essay format is critical to the success of writing. Although there should be greater emphasis on the topic interest and the writing style, the formatting aspect helps you create a systematic form of writing as well as give your readers a better outlook of your article in a technical manner. Apparently, different types of essay formatting correspond to different abilities in academic writing.
APA-The basic components of a research paper are defined by its chapters. The Body block which is composed of the Literature Review, Methodology and Data and Analysis are very dependent on the research results as well as on the referenced materials. In an APA format, the usual topic interests where it is used are based on science. In-text citation is simple and can be done by simply enclosing the referenced paragraph in quotation marks. Then at the end of the sentence, you may enclose the Author’s name and the year of publication inside a parenthesis.
MLA-This format is usually used for topics that reflect humanities and the arts. However, you can interchange the use of these two basic formatting styles. Just like in the APA format, you may simply enclose the referenced sentence in quotation marks. The citation format is a little bit different where the Author’s name is written together wit the corresponding page of the referenced file.
When it comes to bibliography writing, different types of formatting simply require the same details; author/s name, publication year, title of the article, publishing company, city of publication and page numbers.
pril 13th, 2009
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