Article Essay – Different Goals of Writing an Essay

There are many article essay types of papers. This characteristic of essay projects makes it very confusing for many students especially if they are to write their very first essays. Now, we will talk about the different types of essays based on the goals of writing. Aside from the actually topic selection, you can also make it a point to first realize the main purpose of why you are going to write an essay. Here are just some of the basic ones to consider.
Narrative essay-this type of an article essay simply intends to tell a story. You can choose any topics and that you are free to experiment. Moreover, it is possible to tell a story either from a personal experience of from a fictional idea.
Classification essay-the main feature of this article essay is that you tend to group the objects in the essay. You need to first set up a grouping factor that will be applicable to the enumerated items that you want to discuss in the essay.
Descriptive essay-as what the name implies is an essay will describe things, places, events and people based on the topic you have selected. Make sure that you describe them according to at least three senses (combination of smell, sight, sound, feelings, taste) to make way for an interesting article.
Argument essay-you need to first have an argument or stand before you can write an effective argument essay. Make sure that you have a singular thesis statement and prove your claims with evidences.
Persuasive article-this type of an article essay involves the conditioning of minds of your readers to accept what you are talking about. You must provide supporting details as to why they should believe everything that you are saying in the essay.
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