A Great Expectations Essay – A Very Common Literature Assignment

A Great Expectations Essay – A Very Common Literature Assignment
A Great Expectations Essay- Guidelines to Write the Essay
A literature student can choose to write on anything that comes under their term paper subjects or research paper subjects that are taught in their classes. They may be asked to write a critical essay, a narrative essay, an analytical essay, or a compare an contrast essay. It all depends on what the instructor sets as an assignment in the class. These assignments are given by the instructor for many reasons. First and foremost a teacher will check the essay writing skills on the part of the student. The teacher may also wish to know whether the students know how to make research. He may be checking their analytical skills as the students go through the collected information and analyse it to keep only the relevant and important information.The teacher will also note whether the student has actually understood the given question or not. So a student must always keep these factors in mind while doing essay writing and proceed accordingly. AGreat Expectations essay is quite a popular assignment set by the English literature professors.
‘Great Expectations’ is a novel written by the Charles Dickens which was serially published from December 1860 to August 1861. This novel is written if the form of a ‘bildungsroman’ where the chief protagonist journeys from his childhood and goes through various changes, mainly mental or emotional transformations, to finally attain adulthood . The story starts from Christmas 1812 and continues till the winter of 1840. This novel is also considered a sort of an autobiography that gives a sketch of the author’s own growing up years.
A Great Expectations essay can be written in variety of ways. One may be asked to write an essay that will deal with the autobiographical part of the novel. This will make it essential for the writer to read through the novel and the writer’s life history both. Reading through both in detail will make it possible for the writer to find out the similarities and thus conclusively prove that indeed this novel is an autobiography. The writer may be asked to read the entire novel and write a critical analysis that will compare the novel with modern social conditions. In this case the writer will have to give his opinions about the writing style and techniques of the famous author and his novel, and also comment on whether the setting for the novel will suit the social conditions prevalent in the present-day lifestyle. The student may be asked to write a compare and contrast essay based on this novel and some other novel. It may be a comparison of two works by Charles Dickens or it may be ‘Great Expectations’ and another novel on similar themes, by some other author.
There are many ways to write a Great Expectations essay. So be sure to understand the assigned question very well and answer accordingly. There are many available sample essays and other essay helps that deal with this topic. Browse through them to note the style of writing and their way of expression.

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