Belonging Essay

Alienation and Belonging are two extreme concepts that we can see in our society. Each one of us will definitely experience any of the two concepts at least once in our lives. Actually, we will discuss the term belonging here. Let us concentrate on this concept so we can write a belonging essay.
A belonging essay is obviously an article that will discuss the concept of “belonging”. We will experience being one with a certain group or society in this special social aspect. In most cases, people with different skin color, social status, physical appearance and or mental and emotional feelings may have some dilemmas belonging to a certain social structure. That is why belonging is also a concept that should be raised during debates about discrimination.
So how can we write a belonging essay? Just like in writing any other essay types, a belonging essay will still accommodate the same methods of writing that you already know. You can start with a topic of interest that you are familiar with. Belonging topics should be something that is important (which already is), feasible when it comes to research, has many resource materials, and that you have personal interest and knowledge about it.
Can you suggest some possible topics for discussion for a belonging essay? Here are our suggestions for you:
• Belonging in a certain society, how hard or easy it is if you are a citizen.
• The problems that arise when you migrate to a certain country with extreme culture compared to yours.
• Discriminating people according to their physical characteristics.
• Realizing the importance of being one with the community.
• How can we prevent alienation of people who wish to belong to a certain society?
When you already have established the topic of your choice, you can start gathering the materials that you wish to use. It is possible to utilize books, research papers and internet websites. As long as you can evaluate the credibility of these materials, you are free to use them to your advantage.
Afterward, you can start writing the basic paragraphs of the essay. A belonging essay should have the same three paragraph segments of any articles. These are the introduction, which is the main discussion presenter of the topic; the body paragraphs, which will contain the very discussion of the topic and the conclusion, which will contain the summary of the entire paper.
When you finish writing all the paragraphs of the essay, you should proofread it. Make it a habit to edit any of your papers so that you can maintain the quality of your projects every time to submit them.
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