Of Mice and Men Essays

Of mice and men is a powerful novella written by John Steinbeck. The novel is about the dilemmas of the main characters during the Great Depression particularly on a setting in California. Of mice and men was first published in 1937. The novel is a favorite among schoolteachers as a good reading material. However, there are also some criticisms about the possibility of censoring the novel due to vulgar and sometimes offensive words. Still, many teachers would like to require their students to write Of Mice and Men essays.
If you are going to write Of Mice and Men essays, then you should at least have an idea what to write about this novel. Certain aspects of the novel can be a target subject for your essay. We will discuss them so you can start composing your paper project. Let us start with the characters. Writing a character analysis essay is simply using the characters in a novel or story and then analyzing them. Of Mice and Men have two very important personas by the name of George Milton and Lennie Small. Write about Milton’s intellect and wise take on life or simply analyze the character of Small who is a mentally challenged character in the story but at the same time physically capable.
You can also write Of Mice and Men essays in the form of plot analysis. You can talk about the migration of the two major characters to California. The main reason for such migration is to have their own piece of land and tend to the things that they really care for. You may discuss the travails and tragedies that the characters experienced and analyze the implications of their actions to the overall narrative. You can talk about the climax of the story, which may include some violence and some depressing thoughts.
How about writing an essay that discusses the theme of Of Mice and Men? well this is also possible. You can write about the novel’s main themes such as dreams. Steinbeck filled the novel with dreams and aspirations in life. You can also talk about the perseverance of characters to achieve their respective dreams in life. The concept of loneliness is also a highlight theme in Of Mice and Men. You can realize that many characters were afflicted with loneliness which you can definitely have as a discussion domain for themes.
Now that you have some choices to write Of Mice and Men essays, you can start writing an article about it.
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