Documented Essay

A documented essay is a highly technical article. If you are used to writing different academic essays like opinion essay or a comparative essay, you need to divert your attention from their formats and find a new structure. It is not easy to write a documented essay but it is always possible to find guide materials. We will give you some tips how to survive this school paper.
A documented essay needs to have a thesis statement. The main goal is to create a starting question that will become the reason for research.
You need to have a collection of sources. You should start researching for documents like books, journals or internet articles that relate to your topic.
Start writing the introduction by providing the background of the topic. Specify the reasons why it is necessary to document information.
Write the body paragraphs in a way that it will become a review of other documents. This is where documentation starts. You are trying to create a compendium of info about a topic.
Cite all the source of info that you have used. You can apply the APA or MLA formats.
Lastly, do not forget to proofread your documented essay. This will eliminate any errors in your paper for a clearer explanation of the topic.
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