Citing an Essay the Easier Way

Citing an essay is a method that will help you become a credible writer. Most research papers will require you to cite your reference materials. In an essay this is the same procedure. If you are going to use other documents, then you need to cite them. But if you will simply use other essay materials to write your own, then citing an essay is really important.
Citing an essay may follow the processes of the MLA or APA formats. If you are going to write about the topic related to science, medicine and health, then you can use the APA format. On the other hand, you can use the MLA format for other topics like humanities, the arts and literature.
Citing an essay is really easy. It does not matter what format you are going to use. As long as you know how to do in text citation and bibliography page writing, then you are good to go. No matter what the essay format is when it comes to the style, you still need to do the writing of the works cited page and do in text citation. The process is easy. For the bibliography page writing, you simply need to list down all the referenced essays that you have used. You can learn the exact format when you take a look at our previous article. In text citation is also simple. Just integrate the part of the essay to your article and enclose it in quotation marks. Put the author’s last name in parenthesis after the closing mark.
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