Tourism Essay and Topics You can Utilize

Why some students are having a hard time thinking of their essay topics? Essentially, the topic interest of an article influences the overall appeal of the paper. If you have a lame topic, then don’t expect so many people to read your work. Now, one suggestion that I would like you to get is to write a tourism essay. Yes, if only you can utilize such a topic and provide useful information to the readers, then your paper will become more interesting than it should be. Sure I can write a tourism essay but what topics should I utilize as your essay writing tip?
First of all, you need to specify or identify what purpose you want to consider in your essay. This is like the direction or the path that you wish your paper to trek. There are many of these purposes; opinion essay, narrative, classification, descriptive, argumentative and persuasive to name a few.
Now, let me give you some ideas on what custom essay topics you can use for your tourism essay:
1. Talk about the tourism industry in time of recession.
2. The global tourism flow; where do people go?
3. Long time favorite tourist attractions, talk about superb beaches.
4. Research about famous so-called paradise islands and locations like Boracay, Phuket or Bali.
5. How much does an average American tourist spend?
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