IT Essay – Information Technology in Written Form

Information technology may be the biggest term of the current century. This is because all of our lives have drastically changed through the introduction of the computer and the internet, the primary tools in expanding IT in all other fields aside from science. Now, you can download music, chat with your fiends thousands of miles away and even look for that ancient book through web libraries. In this case, it is also a good idea to write an IT essay as one of you projects in school. If you are required to write this essay sample topic, then let me give you some ideas what subjects to talk about.
Writing an IT essay does not merely involve topics about computers and the internet. Of course, these are the primary technologies that readily reflect IT but they are not the only topic scopes to write about. Actually, you first need to have a purpose in writing. Maybe you would like to discuss your opinion in an opinion essay. Or if you want to argue that IT is a big disaster in our society, then you may write an argumentative essay. As you can see, having a purpose or goal in writing gives you a sense of direction in composing your college essays. Here are the topic interests that you may use:
1. Information technology: how it has changed our lives.
2. The dangers involved in IT.
3. The IT industry in the globalization arena of trade.
4. What Information technology devices are popular in the market?
5. IT gadgets and the children’s education.
Many more other IT essay topics can be realized if only you will open up your mind
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