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A custom essay in terms of subject consideration is not hard to imagine. Basically, you can select any topics for writing as long as you are really interested in tackling one. One example that I would like to suggest to you is a finance essay. There are many topic interests that you can utilize under this category and that it is only a matter of personal preference that will help you write a good college essay under such a domain.
A finance essay should first have a purpose in writing. Like what I have been telling in my previous articles before, there needs to be as sense of direction when writing any essays. How to write an essay does not only involve writing the parts but should also consider the path of writing and the goal. The most common ones that are applicable to any essay topics are narrative, classification, cause and effect, argumentative, persuasive and exploratory essays.
Now, let us enumerate some of the finance essay topics that I would like to suggest to you:
1. Money management for business
2. how to earn money online
3. Your money’s worth in the 21st century
4. Who will take advantage of money investments?
5. Financing your dreams through loans
6. the best way to save during times of crises
7. How effective are bank in protecting our money
8. What started the global financial crisis of 2007?
There are still plenty of topics that you can use for a financial essay.
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