Design Essay – Different Scopes for Different Folks

Sometimes, teachers would simply give an instruction that is too general. This may be intentional especially in an essay writing project. One great reason is to make the students more resourceful and creative when they are tasked to complete an essay paper. Now, if your teacher told you to write a design essay, then there are many ways for you to be creative. Let us discuss some topic genres that are acceptable in an essay with the word “design”.
A design essay may involve an argumentative topic. For example, if you are going to write about an artistic design of fashion clothing, then you may talk about it and argue that your selection is better than the others. Make sure you provide proofs and evidences to be credible to the readers.
Another possible design essay scope is involving computer programming design. If you are simply told to write an essay with the theme Design, then this one is immediately acceptable. You can write about an essay that describes your personal design to run a software program.
A design essay may also refer to an article that talks about design as a relative opinion. Make a methodology sample in a smaller research paper-like article and then emphasize the methods that you want to undertake to persuade your readers that the design quality is an opinion not a description.
Lastly, a design assay can talk about the visual, sensual and sound of different elements. This may be too technical and scientific but it’s worth the writing effort. Now that you have completed some topics to consider in a design essay, it is time for you to select the best topic.
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