Essays – Categories and Functions

The possibilities of topic parameters are endless in writing essays . From simple narration of a story to building arguments over an opinion, you can definitely choose the type of article that you wish to develop. But what are the common types of essays that most students write?
Essay papers are usually required by teachers to improve the writing abilities of students. These materials are also used for evaluation purposes to be included in the grading system. High school and college levels practically have the same types of essays in terms of curriculum requirements.
Essay writing which involves the opinion character of the writer may have the kinds of compositions that reflect argumentative essays, critical analysis essays and analysis articles. This simply means that you must provide in your article the basis or factor why you think about an idea in such a way.
Story Telling
Another type of essay is in the form of telling a story. The most common type under this parameter is the narrative essay . Sometimes, we may include informative essays because we would like to share with our readers what we know about a topic. In order to do that we should at least tell a story.
One more type of essay parameter has topics based on personal experiences. A reflective essay is the most popular of this type. You only need to share your story or thoughts within the specified topic area. It is actually one of the easiest types of essays to write.
Special Essays
Some essays cannot simply fall under the three categories presented. These are the admission essays or essays for contests. However, they may also take form according to what principles to use.
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