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Several colleges set different criteria for selection. Some colleges give term papers; some give research papers whereas some ask you to write creative essays as part of their test. Out of these, the most difficult one is the creative essays as of the high levels of thinking involved.
Colleges give creative essays to test a person’s creativity. If you take a broader view then all the essays are creative, it is up to the student’s imagination power and skills he possesses that are required to write the essay. However, a creative essays to tests the imagination of the writer and the evaluators assign these essays so that they can get to know the student’s level of thinking and power of imagination.
A creative essay topic can be anything; right from ‘essay about myself’ to ‘an unforgettable journey’, a creative essay can also take the form of describing certain situation or environment. While writing creative essays it is important to keep in mind that the essay doesn’t cross the limits of sophistication. The best way to write a creative essay is to trust in small things which are beyond comprehension of others that is try to write on things which will make a person think that there are many such things that exist but go unnoticed. You must deal with the creative essay topic in the most astonished manner without losing your inner knowledge and awareness. Always start with an intriguing lead to grab the reader’s attention.
A Creative essay topic can take the following form
• Describe yourself in a creative manner to your classmates
• Write an essay about an unbelievable night
• Write about the favorite place you have ever visited
• Describe how it will feel while entering adulthood
These were some of the examples of the creative essay topics. While writing a creative essay you need to think out of the box but it should be pertaining to your topic. It is not that creative people are born with different skills; there are some attributes which make a person creative. These attributes include tremendous focus on a particular area, some kind of formal education and a high level of input. Application of these attributes makes a person creative.
Furthermore, to write an excellent creative essay you also need to have a good vocabulary to put forward your ideas in the most astonishing manner and to make the essay look creative and real. No matter in what language you write, whether you are writing creative Urdu essays or English essays, the most important thing you need to know is you should make the readers believe the unbelievable things.
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