Music has many meanings. There are many different types of music. It can change for everyone who hears it. It may be because of the taste, or the type of music. All music has a different feeling.

Two types of music are Rock and Pop. These types of music can have a calm feeling to them, or they might have a dance like quality. Both usually have a regular beat and are usually played on the local radio stations.

Another type of music is alternative. It can be very different. Some of it is calm and some of it is harder sounding. It may also have a little of both. It consists of many smaller groups of music that can not be defined into other categories.

Techno is also another form of music. It usually has computer generated sounds and beats. It is based on dance and often has a fast tempo. It was more popular in the 80's.

R&B and Dance are a lot alike in sound quality. They usually have a Techno like beat and usually have a lot of vocals. They are played at many dance clubs and radio stations.

Hard and Metal usually consist of a lot of bass and other background noise. The songs usually don't have a happy feeling to them. Although, they have been around for a while.

New Age, Light, and Jazz are softer types of music. They are often sad, or comforting. They are usually more peaceful than most other music.

Music can be heard everywhere, and always will be. It can be something to do, or something more. It will constantly be changing and developing.
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