The DVD drives and discs are what is going to replace the CD-ROMS within the next few years. DVD's use a shorter bandwidth laser to read the information from them, thus, you can put more data or information on one. A CD will hold 650 megabytes of in-formation, or about 75 minutes of music. A DVD will hold between 2-3 gigabytes of data or around 240 minutes of music.

DVD's will take over the VHS tapes, CD-ROM drives, discs, and discmans. The clarity and quality will be about the same you will just have much more quantity. Hollywood and computer and software makers are not too anxious to switch over due to the mass change it would cause. Hollywood, which produces movies on laser discs, would have to buy all new equipment for the upgrade. This is a multi-billion dollar upgrade, mostly because DVD's are a new technology, and new technology is expensive. Computer manufacturers and software makers are not anxious for this new trend partly because of the upgrade cost. However, the main reason is that consumers and the general public are so angry at the computer industry for its constant upgrades and new technologies that many people have all but stopped buying. The main concern is in 5 years they will have something even better than DVD's to upgrade to. Software manufacturers are also skeptical because the selling of CD-ROM's is at an all-time high. Why mess with a good thing?

DVD's are a can't miss technology that was supposed to be introduced nearly 8 months ago. It is inevitable that they will take over VHS and CD-ROM's, but the slow takeover shows that many people are tired of technology that advances so fast that you can't even keep up with it.

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