Comparison and Contrast Essay Topics

In this article we make a list of comparison and contrast essay topics. Writing or having a discussion on comparison and contrast essay topics makes you look at both the sides of the coin. So let's start...

If you plan on writing or having a discussion on comparison and contrast essay topics then you require skills to show the similarities between the two topics and also to show the difference that those things have. The two terms comparison and contrast is used by man in his everyday activities for instance, which college to join, which shirt to wear or which vacation site to visit.

When you begin writing on any of the comparison and contrast essay topics normally you won't face any difficulties, as you just have to remember their similarities and differences and mention it in plain and simple English. To begin first make a list of common things between the two subjects and then make a list of all the differences that these things posses and make a fair comparison.

Easy Comparison and Contrast Essay Topics

Before writing on some compare contrast topics, it's very necessary that you make a list of their similarities and differences. You may often come across such topics that may have nothing in common, but that's not true you just have to a little more research work to enlist their various characteristics.
• Compare and contrast Burger King and McDonald's.
• Compare and contrast SUV and sedan.
• Compare and contrast Halloween night to prom night.
• Compare and contrast two of your favorite songs.
• Compare and contrast your childhood home and your new one.
• Compare and contrast female customers and male customers.
• Compare and contrast tragedy and comedy.
• Compare and contrast high school and college.
• Compare and contrast your two favorite restaurants.
• Compare and contrast Thanksgiving and Christmas.
• Compare and contrast having siblings and being the alone child.
• Compare and contrast marriage and live in relationships.
• Compare and contrast flowers and weed.
• Compare and contrast school bullies and felony.
• Compare and contrast storms and blizzards.
• Compare and contrast being bored and being afraid.
• Compare and contrast low carbohydrate diet and low fat diet.
• Compare and contrast World War I and World War II.
• Compare and contrast high school graduation and pre school graduation.
• Compare and contrast online shopping and shopping malls.
• Compare and contrast a small dog and a big dog.
• Compare and contrast life of a dog and cat.
• Compare and contrast inner beauty and physical beauty.
• Compare and contrast your worst birthday and best birthday.
• Compare and contrast reality shows and sitcoms.
• Compare and contrast vegetables and fruits.
• Compare and contrast being rich and being poor.
• Compare and contrast narcotics and antibiotics.
• Compare and contrast outdoor activities and playing video games.
• Compare and contrast swimming and yoga.
Comparison and Contrast Essay Writing

Writing on comparison and essay topics is one of the easiest things to write on. Just take a topic and discuss on its similarities and differences. The most interesting point over here is only you can see these similarities and differences and if you can't they won't exist. The following mentioned steps are an effective way towards writing a compare and contrast essay format.

Similar and Dissimilar
A good essay will not only show their important points, similarities and differences but also show comparisons and your work of converting them into a meaningful matter.

Take References
Take help from secondary sources only if necessary. Some instructors have said that while writing on comparison and contrast topics you can take help from other sources of text.

Use Your Own Thoughts
The biggest challenge for a writer is to offer his own views on any topic. When you have taken all the necessary information you needed. Use your logic and add some meaning to the topic.

A Second Look
Always have a second look at your essay after you have finished. Essay writing is a job where a million thoughts cross your mind in a minute, so it's always beneficial that you have a second revision.

So these were some examples of comparison and contrast essay topics. You can find such compare and contrast essay topics even in your daily life if you observe keenly.
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