College Essay Topics

A college essay can make or mar the chances of someone trying to get into a particular college. Read the following article for some sample college essay topics, which will help the students to be well prepared.

With each passing year, it is getting more and more difficult to get admission in the college of one's choice. Besides the grades and the test scores, essays written along with the college application form, are the most important criteria to determine whether a candidate will be admitted in the college or not. These essays are used by the college authorities to understand the opinions, values and thinking process of a probable student. Sometimes, the college essay topics can be easy and ordinary while at other times they can be slightly off beat and challenging. Anybody who wants to get into the college of his choice should be prepared for anything, vis a vis college essay topics are concerned. Below are some sample college essay topics, drawn on the lines of topics given by most colleges these days. Read more on essay writing.

Easy College Essay Topics
• Who has been the greatest influence in your life and in what ways?
• Which is the last book that you read and what were your reasons for selecting that book to read ?
• Describe your greatest achievement in life.
• Describe five things that you love about yourself.
• Which is your favorite subject and why?
• What is your life goal? How will you accomplish it?
• Which historical personality you best identify yourself with and why?
• Describe the worst moment of your life. How did you handle it?
• Describe your family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances. What have you learned from them?
• Do you think its right to be impulsive once in a while? Have you ever taken risks in your life? If yes, then what was the outcome? If no, will you take risks in the future?
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Argumentative Essay Topics for College
• Is studying in a college important to get educated?
• Has technology made us aloof?
• An arm for an arm, a life for a life. Is death penalty justified?
• Has sex education been successful to bring down teenage pregnancies?
• The role of a man in a family has undergone a sea change. Give arguments for and against it.
• Vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters. Do you agree?
• The rise in crime rate among the teens could be attributed to the mass media, including the newspaper, films, TV, radio, etc. Give your opinion for or against this statement.
• Should immigrants be welcomed in America?
• Is outsourcing of jobs to the Asian countries good for America's economy?
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Compare and Contrast College Essay Topics
• Compare and contrast Islamic traditions and Christian ideologies Compare and contrast Roger Federer and Rafeal Nadal
• Compare and contrast soccer and rugby
• Compare and contrast anxiety and depression
• Compare and contrast hurricanes and cyclones
• Compare and contrast Bill Clinton and Barack Obama
• Compare and contrast North America and south America.
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Best College Essay Topics
• Predict something that is going to happen in the year 2080. How can you stop that from happening now?
• Did you help somebody in the past one week? If yes, how? If not, then why?
• Which fruit describes your personality the best, and how?
• What is more important for you – being famous or being content with life?
• Write an essay by relating the following words – soccer, aphrodisiac, intellectual, career, peace and globalization.
• Who is the most successful person in the world today and why?
• Write a poem on your life.
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While writing college essay topics, the students should make sure that their unique personality, their opinions, their positive points and their talents are highlighted through these essays. The college essays are a kind of platform for the students to market themselves in front of the admission authorities. The essays should be written in such a way that they hold the attention of the reader, making him think that the writer is highly exceptional and smart. The only way to do it is by writing the essays creatively, making them interesting and crystal clear, with lots of reasons, proofs and facts thrown in. All the best!
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