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Argument essay writing simply means that you write in a manner (with all the facts) which is able to convince the reader of your point of view on a certain topic.

Ideally, argument essay writing has two basic types: one where you focus on both sides of an issue and the other where you choose one side and talk about why you feel that way.

Let us discuss each type of argument essay writing.

In the first type, you choose your topic. Let’s say you choose the topic ‘Effects of Watching Television on Children’. In this type of an essay, you can talk about both, the positive effects (learning new things, getting to see various parts of the world etc.) and the negative effects (distraction from studies, becoming desensitized to violence etc.). In this type, your essay structure would be something like this:
• Introduction to your topic.
• Positive Effects with relevant facts.
• Negative Effects with relevant facts.
• Conclusion.
In the second type of essay, you choose the topic and also choose the side you want to focus on. Let’s take the previous example. The topic was ‘Effects of Watching Television on Children’. Let’s say you want to focus on the Positive Effects only. Then, your essay structure would look like this:
• Introduction to the topic and the side you chose.
• Positive Effects.
• Facts to prove your point.
• Conclusion.
In both these types of essays, it is extremely important to state / quote relevant facts pertaining to your choice. This is because you are writing an essay which is, in fact, argumentative. You are trying to convince the reader about your point of view. You are trying to prove your point and for that you need to state correct and relevant facts to make your case, such as it is.

Therefore, it becomes equally important to choose your topic properly. You should have thorough knowledge of the subject you are going to talk about otherwise your argument will not sound strong.

You can choose the subject from a variety of sources, such as the newspaper, or magazines or from the Internet as well. Choose a topic which resonates with you. This means that the topic should make you feel very strongly, either for it or against it.

Study the subject carefully and make notes which highlight your chosen points. Use to-the-point sentences which will elaborate your point aggressively. Here, you can use the ‘show not tell’ maxim very well if you are armed with accurate facts.

Your conclusion should become a summary of what you have said. Don’t make it a long-winded conclusion. You have had your chance to write about your choice before.

Thus, an argumentative essay is one where you choose to explain a choice regarding an issue with facts and logic, so as to convince the reader to agree with you.

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