Online Essays are not Cheating if Used Properly

There has been much criticism of essay writing companies and the students who use them. If used correctly the essays are not a form of cheating.
Several people consider it unethical and basically cheating for students to purchase essays online from an essay writing company.

I am of the opinion that the availability of meaningful one to one tuition in most colleges and universities is sadly lacking. This is bad news for students who have critical and urgent questions for their tutors, usually arising when they are attempting to write an essay.

We all know that human nature being what it is, several students leave things until the eleventh hour.

If the tutor is not available to assist and give direction, with the essay deadline looming, it is no wonder that students look to purchase a custom written essay.

From the online essay writing company’s point, most have terms and conditions of use which specifically state that the essay is to be used as a reference point and guide by students and should not be handed in as the students’ own work in its un-amended state.

If students use the essay in the manner and for the purpose in which it is sold to them, they will gain a great deal.

However where students do not adhere to these terms (and this is anticipated) then they are entirely responsible for any repercussions. If their tutor is marking the essay it may be self evident that the student has not written the essay as the style will almost certainly be different. Apart from being in breach of the terms and conditions of the essay company, students will not learn anything from the essay if he/she hands it in as their own work.

However if students treat the essay as a substantial piece of research material and look at the way it is formatted and how the question is approached thus stimulating the student to compose their own essay, then the online essay will have achieved its purpose.

In effect, the online essay is a substitute for the student who is unable to obtain the one to one guidance from his/her tutor. As the demands on lecturers and tutors mounts with increasing administrative duties, there is every reason to expect that students will continue to turn to essay writing companies.

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