Chicago Style Paper Where Detailed Reference Work is Needed

Chicago Style Paper Where Detailed Reference Work is Needed
Chicago Style Paper – Know the Parameters Well

While writing an essay the writer must know of many parameters that make up an essay. These parameters if known and followed well make up for an A level paper. Thus it should be a primary criteria for the writer to well aware of all these parameters. These generally consist of choosing a good writing topic to research on, framing a good research paper title so that the paper is eye catching, following the correct formatting as prescribed by the instructor and doing good research work. There are many essay formats that are generally used for academic essay writing. These are the MLA format, APA format, Chicago format and the Harvard format. Of these the Chicago style paper,or the Turabian style of writing is used mainly in writing history and social science papers where the reference or source is of primary importance.
Chicago formating is of two types. One which is followed for history and humanities is the old style and is known as “notes and bibliography”. In this case the bibliography is given along with the notes and maybe as part of the essay or at the end of the article in a group form. The first line of each note is indented two spaces. At the end of the paper there will be another bibliography which contains the name of each work cited and also works which were used as references but not cited. The new one is known as the “author date” style and is used in sciences generally. Here the in text citation contains the name of the author and the date of publishing and at the end the bibliography gives the details as in the older format. Footnotes and end notes are presented in the text by a superscript number – ( : 3). Footnotes are written at the lower of a page in 10 point font which is smaller than the main essay which is written in 12 points Times New Roman. The footnotes and content notes that are seen in the Chicago style allow the writer to give the details of the source and also provide extra information. Endpoints are written at the end of a chapter or at the end of the paper in the same size font as the main text. It will include the superscript number given with the in-text citation. Full citation is to be given for first time referencing and later when the source is repeated abbreviated citations are to be used. The first line of all footnotes and content notes are to be indented, single spaced with an extra space in between references.
Thus we can see that Chicago style paper is mainly chosen for those work which needs detailed referencing work. Since this type is a little more comprehensive and thus more complicated, it is best that one goes through various good essay examples and knows the formatting very well before writing the paper.
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