10 Essential guidelines for writing an effective essay

Essay writing is one of the most important writing skills. It not only tests the ability of a writer to understand the implication and scope of the subject but also his capacity to organize his thinking about the topic and to communicate himself in clear style. In university or college context, it gives an opportunity to students to explore and clarify their thoughts about the topic or subject. The following guidelines will help you through the essay writing process for an effective essay.

Choose the topic carefully:
Careful selection of the topic is the first step towards success in writing an essay. Topic of an essay may belong to a field, which may be vast, but for essay writing, you should keep yourself limited to the particular aspect of the topic and do not deal with the subject exhaustively.

Sort out the facts related to the topic:
Sort out the details of the topic in your mind and transfer them to paper in the form of notes. This mental exercise will also help you in finalizing a topic for an essay and finding out the information related to your topic.

Draw an outline of your topic:
After jotting down your ideas on paper, organize your notes and arrange ideas in a logical order. Reject any ideas and remove those points, which are not related to your line of presentation.

Give your essay an appropriate beginning:
The beginning of your essay should be such that it should give the reader or examiner the impression that you have a firm grasp of the subject. Beginning should be good enough to launch the reader into the next part or body of the essay.

Follow the basic rules of paragraph writing:
Each paragraph in the body of your essay should contain relevant information and details of one point.

Write a logical conclusion for the essay:
Conclusion provides a final view and perspective on your topic. It should emerge from the arguments or discussion preceding it, with simple review of main points and brief description of your feelings about the topic.

Use simple English:
Use simple and plain English for writing an Essay. Avoid use of slang, abbreviations and jargons or any fashionable words while writing an essay. Plain English writing software can help you to remove redundant words from your Essay to make it more concise and readable.

Do not overload the essay with figures and diagrams.
Complex diagrams, figures and statistics are very important for business presentations and meetings. However, you should resist the temptation of using these statistics and diagrams in essay writing.

Revise, edit and proofread:
Always proofread and revise your essay before handing it over as a finished product. Editing of an essay is required to improve clarity and readability. Use English editing softwares for editing your essay, so that you can save time and you can focus on writing an essay.

Polish and perfect your essay:
Like a finished product, the essay should also be polished and perfected to the best of writer's ability. Writing software can be used to polish and perfect your essay. Some of the writing software also has text enrichment tool, which enriches text without changing the meaning of the sentence.

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