Components of a Research Paper form the Basic Parameter of Research Paper Writing

Components of a Research Paper form the Basic Parameter of Research Paper Writing
Components of a Research Paper – Basic Guidelines

What are the components of a research paper. The first question one may ask before setting off for research paper writing. First let us discuss what is research or thesis writing. This type ofacademic essay writing involves an exploration into the chosen theme or topic, that is both in-depth and extensive. All possible facts and data related to the topic is to be collected and then analysed thoroughly. All past research into the subject by other researchers is to be noted. Similarly all research work that is going on at present on that particular topic is also to be explored thoroughly, so that one is aware of how much research has already been done in that field. It will guide him as to what area of research work on that theme is still left unexplored and how he should proceed to work on it. Thus an exhaustive study into the chosen subject is always the best way to tackle it, however difficult it may seem at a first glance. As one learns more everything that appeared as a hurdle will become easier to cross.
A research paper will consist of a research paper cover page, a research paper abstract, a research paper introduction, the main body containing the details of the research work done along with the data collected. Research paper methodology is an important part of the research paper body. after the main body will be conclusion. At the end will be reference page having all the details of various works directly quoted from other authors’ papers. These will form the basic components of a research paper. There are three more important components or parameters of a research papers that will have to be fulfilled so as to have a perfect paper. The first of these is to choose a suitable theme from various good research paper ideas. A topic that the writer has knowledge on and interest in will have to be carefully chosen. The second component is the the research question which will have to be presented in the introduction. This parameter is also very important as it is around this question that the paper will have to be worked on. This research question is to be answered in the same para and the answer to this particular question will form the thesis statement around which the entire research work will have to be framed. the third important component will be a good research paper title. A striking title will definitely be an eye catcher and will help in attracting readers, making them go through the whole paper. A well written paper but with an unappealing, unattractive title will find no takers and so will be rendered useless. A title relevant to the topic and not too long will have to be thought of. If all these components are kept in mind and religiously followed while writing a research paper then one can easily write an A level paper.
Components of a research paper form the basic parameter upon which a thesis paper is build up. If one knows the components well then writing this paper will pose to be no problem. However research paper writing is no sense an easy job. it is time consuming and requires hard work, dedication and concentration.
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