A good Research Essay Topic lays the Foundation for a Successful Research Essay

The Ability to Select a Good Research Essay Topic is a Skill Which Needs to be Perfected
Research essays are lengthy papers which presents the research findings on a particular topic. The topics for these essays need to be approved by the tutor or the research committee before the students can begin writing their research essays. In this type of essays, the appropriateness and viability of the essay topic plays a crucial role on its success. Although it is a common assignment given to college students, when faced with the task, many students tend to panic as the selection of the research essay topic proves to be difficult.
Topic Selection is Not Simple
Many students are under the assumption that writing research essays simply requires you to select a topic, conduct research on the topic and write the essay. Although this is the process, there is much more to the writing of the research essays. The topic selection itself goes through many steps when a student makes the choice systematically. Let us examine the intricacies involved in selecting an appropriate topic for a successful research essay.
Selecting of the Right Topic
The selection of topic for any type of essay is a laborious task. It requires deliberation and time to be spent on coming up with alternatives, assessing their merit and screening out some to select the best. Often, your topic could be assigned to you, which leaves you free to conduct your research. Or you could be given a general topic area, which you will have to narrow down to enable better and clear writing. The same elements that were considered when selecting high school or even middle school essay topics should be applicable in these circumstances as well. If the right research essay topic is selected the writing of the research essay will be an easier task.
Elements of the Right Topic
The ability to select the best research topic is a skill which needs to be perfected. Out of all the elements which go into the selection of a good topic, the most important ones are,
• Interest to the writer and the reader – interesting to you, the writer, will motivate you to conduct the research which can be a tiresome task if the topic is not interesting. Interest on the readers’ part will ensure that research essay is read.
• Manageability – There will be much information which needs to be gathered to write the essay. If the information is not easily available you will be unable to write a comprehensive essay paper.
• Feasibility – If the topic is not feasible or possible, the research essay will serve no purpose. Therefore, feasibility is an element which should be considered.
• Flexibility – The topic selected should be flexible enough to adjust and adapt to the circumstances.
Apart from these elements, your topic should be familiar to you, and be a fresh topic. Avoid selecting topics which have been written about over and over. If the research essay topic selected has these elements, you are well on your way to writing a good research essay. These same elements can be applied to any university essay topic you select.
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