Preparing for a Good GRE Essay

Understanding and Preparation Will Assist in the Submission of a Good GRE Essay
If you are applying to Graduate School, you might be assigned to take the GRE. The Graduate Record Examination or GRE is common in the USA and many other English speaking countries. Considered one of the toughest tests, it is mandatory for you to obtain a good grade, to enter the Graduate School. One of the requirements of the GRE is the writing of the GRE essay. Let us take a closer look at what it is and how it can be done.
Understanding the GRE Exam
The GRE consists of a verbal section, multiple choice sections, essay section and an experimental section. These four sections need to be completed within a time frame of four hours. The verbal section will mainly consist of reading and comprehension, while the multiple choice questions consists of 28 questions which have to be answered in 45 minutes. The experimental section is not often clear. It could be a combination of all three exercises of comprehension, writing and multiple choice questions. The most gruelling task of the entire test is writing the essay. Understanding what the essay is all about will provide the writer with a better focus on his or her task.
Focusing on the Essay Requirements
The GRE essay writing will consist of two types. The first one will require you to analyse an issue while the second has to analyse an argument. When analysing an issue, you will have to select one of two topics and understand it carefully and write your opinion on the issue. The second option will provide only one topic. You will have only 30 minutes to analyse the argument and write your essay opposing the writer’s opinion. As with writing your grad school essay,where you will be judged on your writing skills, this too will be judged on your ability to think critically and present a well written essay.
Importance of Preparing in Advance
Preparation is a key element in writing this essay as with your graduate school essay. Go through as many sample essays which will be available online in order to understand the requirements. Having a good knowledge of how the essays and the entire test is graded too, will give you a brief idea as to what to expect when taking the test. Once registered to take the test, the Educational Testing Service often provides the students with a software program called Powerprep, which students can practise on. This method too, will assist students to better understand how the grading is done.
Becoming Good at GRE Essay Writing
Writing the GRE essay is a lot similar to that of preparing for SAT essay or a GMAT essay. By paying close attention to content, structure, format and language you will be able to write a good essay that impress the examiner. It is important to address all elements of essay writing if to score high marks. Despite being good essay writers, students still find themselves at a loss when they have to practice for GRE essays. Having good sample essays will be a great advantage for students as it can guide them properly during the practice writing sessions.
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