Self-Image Project

1). Describe yourself-image, word and pictures you choose and why?

* My positive Tendencies and Attributes

Cheerful Calm
Deep need to please others Conservative
Easy going Dry humored
Loyal Heart full of compassion
Kind Pleasant
Well organized Quiet

2). Is there a difference between your self-image and how other people perceive you? I think so because I see myself as a practical, likeable, organized and very dry humored person. I believe that other people when they first get to know me I am a spectator, stubborn, self-protective person.

3). Why is it important to understand your self-image in interpersonal communication?
Knowing your self-image helps your ability to communicate better with others. You might be able to pick up on some similarities you have with that person or any negative similarities. This makes the communication between you and the other party easier.

4). Do you have any negative self-images that hinder your success of effectiveness? How can you break the habit of letting those affect you?
My negative tendencies and attributes are:
Discourages others
Not a volunteer or joiner
Spectator ( I don’t get involved)
It is very hard for me to break the habit such as me being very stubborn or self-protective. The other negative tendencies seem easier to control, but I find myself stubborn in many situations and it takes a lot for me to change my thoughts of the particular situation. My self-protective tendency is also very difficult due to me not trusting people I feel there word is not strong enough.

5). Describe impression management and the seven goal and strategies in impression management. Which strategy do you need to work on the most ? Is what you want a person to think when they think of you what impression you leave them. The seven goal are:
1. To be liked
2. To be believed
3. To excuse failure
4. To secure help
5. To hide faults
6. To be followed
7. To confirm self-image

To be liked is were I need to work on the most

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