• A classroom training session will be created to go over a retention plan to prevent a high turnover rate. Most employees are leaving to take better jobs with quicker advancement, due to location, or retirement.

• Training is expected to make an impact on those remaining employees. With lack of hiring during the slow peak and layoffs, we need to put all of our attention on retaining our current and remaining employees to perform at maximum levels.

• At the conclusion of this training those attending will be able to supervise, plan and organize in an effective manner, manage a plan with performance management, use the cycle for planning effectively, and schedule and plan projects by department.

Why is this training important?

• Importance of this training is to provide management with the ability to communicate effectively with employees to retain them.

• Expectations, earnings, work schedule, meetings, performance and career development should all be clearly provided to employees. This training will focus on ways for supervisors to communicate those topics to employees.

Who requires the specified training?

• The audiences targeted for this training are those supervisors who work closely with employees. This training will provide a question based assessment to help guide you with the quality of the work environment and steps that will help improve those areas that need improvement.


• The Recruitment & Retention team will make available guides (Retention Handbook) that was sent out June 2, 1996. This guide should be followed for the necessary training on retaining employees.

• The training should be conducted in a manner that it will cover an entire work day, maximum 8 hour duration.

Design and development of training.

• The Recruitment & Retention team and Human Resources have done many training sessions to retain employees, so most of the materials for this session are readily available. This training

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