Water Essay: An Essay on Water Pollution and its Preventing Measures

An essay on water can explain the Causes and Effects of Water Pollution
Water Pollution has become an increasingly concerned issue throughout the world. Water is the most valuable resource on earth. Polluted water affects all living organisms since it serves as one of the basic necessities for life; the others are food and air. The sources that cause contamination of water might be an appropriate topic for your Water Essay.
Causes of Water pollution:
The major sources of water contamination are chemicals released from factories and agricultural wastes. Detergents, food processing wastes, insecticides and herbicides, fuels, lubricants and fuel combustion byproducts, industrial wastes and cosmetics are only some substances that pollute water.
One kind of water pollution that most people may not be aware of is Thermal Pollution. It is the raise or fall in the temperature of a natural body of water caused by human influence. Because water is widely used as coolant by power plants and industrial manufacturers, the high water temperature decreases the oxygen content in it which may destroy aquatic organisms.
Some natural phenomena, such as volcanoes, algae blooms, storms, and earthquakes (Also see Global Warming Essay) may also cause major changes in water quality.
Effects of Water Pollution:
There may be plenty of things used in daily life that are likely to contaminate the water. Certain pollutants not only spoil the surface water, like rivers and lakes, but also enter the ground to deteriorate the ground water. Ultimately, the water that reaches homes for drinking is already polluted and contains a lot of disease causing germs.
Everyone knows that about 70% of the earth is covered by water. But drinking water takes only 3% of that 70%. Furthermore, around 2% of drinking water is in the form of ice. Hence, there is just 1% of drinking water left in the entire world. Through this kind of Water Essay, a writer should clarify this statistics about the water, which is available in different forms.
Thousands of people die on a daily basis due to unhealthy drinking water. It is the responsibility of every person to take steps to avoid or minimize contamination of water. Indeed, certain steps should be taken for treatment of used water to make it reusable. Industrial and agricultural waste water should be treated properly before sending it out in drainage. Soil erosion, which causes sediments in water bodies, should be prevented by growing more trees. Moreover, paper, plastic and food materials should not be thrown into ponds, lakes and rivers. Such materials discarded by people on the ground reach the water bodies by storms and rains. Actually, every step that helps prevent pollution of water should be effectively captured and covered in such essays.
Water is a part of nature (Also see Nature Essay) and nature encompasses everything. Not only the humans but all living organisms belong to and rely on nature. Let us encourage people to save water as well as to try keeping it clean and pure. This can be practically done through the Water Essays. If you neglect our persuasive essay writing service, your dream to become an excellent student won’t come true!
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